The best shower heads for ultimate relaxation

Nothing quite beats a shower after a long day to reinvigorate yourself. We've compiled our top five picks for the absolute best shower heads for total comfort and customisation.

by Ryan Houghton |

If you're completely bored of your leaky, dribbling shower that just doesn't cut it anymore, then check out these ultimate shower heads that offer high pressure, and no leaking for years to come.

Save yourself a ton of cash from refitting the entire shower unit and fetch yourself a fresh new shower head to instantly improve your daily showering experience.

Having a total bathroom remodel? You might need a new shower unit. If so, here are our top picks for the absolute best electric showers.

Why is my shower dripping?

Shower dripping is caused primarily by wear or damage to the seal between your shower head and the hose. If this seal fails, water can pass through.

Can shower heads increase water pressure?

Yes, they can! By decreasing the flow rate or by using a compression chamber, shower heads are able to increase the pressure of your shower, which can feel incredible. Just make sure the water pressure isn't too high as this can irritate the skin.

Are shower heads universal?

Largely, yes, you should have no trouble fitting a shower head to the shower valve, some showers, however, such as fixed shower heads may require some new fittings.


The perfect accompaniment to your new bathroom, this huge shower head is designed with comfort in mind. With six unique settings that all feel terrific, at its price, it's a total steal.

Review: "This is an excellent product from Newentor didn't think it would make a difference from my old shower head to Newentor's power shower head but it did amazing. My two daughters 21 and 32 also gave it the thumbs up to. Very well built solid feeling to it as well. Lovely chrome finish to match our shower accessories".


This shower head is far more reminiscent of a traditional shower head, but it's built so well and for such a great price, that it's hard not to recommend.

With five great modes that range from low pressure to high pressure, giving you the freedom to truly customise your shower experience.

Best of all, it has some energy saving functionalities, so you can cut down on bills while helping our planet out a little.

Review: "This IS a good shower head, I was actually surprised at how good! I don’t have some massive pressure pushing the water through either, its a simple double tap set up with a shower pipe attachment bit at the top!! So if it works well for me with more than basic kit, it will work fine for you!"


Simple, yet durable and powerful, the Triton 3 is a little on the pricier side, but it undoubtedly compensates for this with its build quality. Each mode is unique, and powerful and best of all, they feel incredible. While the Triton 3 isn't exciting, it's exactly what you want out of a shower head.

Review: "This is the second one I have purchased. Works well. Easy to clean. Good value for money."


Our most bizarre, yet intriguing shower head, the ComfiTech shower head is one of the best-selling shower heads on Amazon. Packed with PH neutralising zeolite, tourmaline and maifanite beads that absorb impurities in the water as well as chemicals such as chlorine.

The beads are also replaceable, so you can continue to feel the soothing effects of ComfiTech's purified water for the foreseeable future.

The shower also comes equipped with three modes; massage mode, rainfall mode and R&M Mode, each mode feels distinct, allowing you to choose your perfect shower experience with ease.

Review: "I bought this as it is meant to improve the water pressure and oh my, what a difference it does make! The last shower head was cleaned and still only dribbled out the head. This one is now like a power shower."


For those that love a power shower, but are looking for great value, look no further. The Grohe Tempesta is incredibly powerful, bolstering a SpeedClean setting that is shockingly good. It has a universal fit, so rest assured it'll work with your shower.

It's also built to last, with silicon anti-shock rings so dropping it isn't a problem.

Review: "You can only expect quality from Grohe and this shower head doesn't disappoint. Simple but nice and stylish design, good functionality (actually has 3 modes, there's a middle mode between rain and jet).
Easy descaling is typical for Grohe. Bought the previous version of this head for my parent a couple of years ago and it still works like new."

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