The best heat pads for back pain

Instantly soothe back pain with one of these brilliant heat pads.

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A sore back can spoil your day. It certainly makes me miserable when I get a twinge in my back, so it's always in my best interests (and the interests of everyone who has to deal with me) that I get rid of the back pain, quickly.

Heat is a great way of soothing back pain and there are plenty of ways to apply some heat to your back these days. Heat pads are a great way of relieving back, neck and shoulder pain and

Have a look below at our guide to the best heat pads for a bad back.


Best heat pads

Beurer HJ55 heat pad1 of 6

Beurer HJ55 heat pad

A wearable heat pad offers greater soothing than a standard heat pad. This heat pad wraps around your body to give great heat relief from pain and offers three heat settings. It can also transform into a heated neck pillow. **Pros:**Selectable temperatureDesigned for your neck, shoulder and back **Cons:**More expensive option

Micro Heat microwavable heat wrap2 of 6

Micro Heat microwavable heat wrap

A great natural option, this lavender pad is heated in the microwave and then placed on your back to provide heat relief. The lavender scent is nice but does fade rather quickly. **Pros:Good for short term relief Can be chilled for cold relief tooCons:**Lavender scent doesn't stay very long

Mia&Coco Electric heating pad3 of 6

Mia&Coco Electric heating pad

This gilet-looking heat pad is as fluffy as it looks. designed to provide relief to your back, neck and shoulders, this is a great solution for slipping on and relaxing. The heat pad heats up quickly, features three temperature settings and a 90-minute shut-off to avoid it overheating. It can even be washed in your washing machine. **Pros:**Treats your back, neck and shoulders Three heat levels **Cons:**Needs to be plugged in to work

Comfier heating pad4 of 6

Comfier heating pad

A wearable heat pad provides excellent relief. Add in a massage function and it will help your back even more. This heat pad has three massage settings and two heat settings, meaning there will be the perfect setting for your back pain.**Pros:**Massage feature is a welcome additionGood quality **Cons:**The cable is rather short The massage function is mainly just a vibration

Cura heat pad5 of 6

Cura-Heat pad

These small heat pads are air-activated to give you pain relief on the move. Working for up to 24 hours, these heat pads can be applied over your clothing to give you long-term heat relief. **Pros:Discreet optionCons:**Non-reneawable

Dreamland Inteliheat heat pad6 of 6

Dreamland Inteliheat heat pad

A great option if you want a simple heat pad, the Dreamland Inteliheat is a good quality heat pad at a reasonable price. With a quick heat up and a three-year guarantee, it will be a brilliant option for soothing backs for years. It's even machine washable. **Pros:**Three year guaranteeInstant heat up **Cons:**Not wearable

What you need to know when choosing a heat pad

When buying a heat pad, look for quality to ensure you get the most for your money. A heat pad can be potentially harmful to you so you need to make sure you buy one that will be safe.

Make sure any electric heat pad you buy has an auto-shutoff feature. Most will only run for a certain time before shutting off to avoid fire risk. This will keep you safe in the event that you forget to switch it off.

A fluffy finish will be cosier, but make sure it is safe to machine wash. If not, it can quickly become filthy.

Heat pads are also great for treating other pains including:

Muscle pain

Menstrual cramps



Pinched nerves


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