The best hairdressing scissors for a professional cut at home

When it comes to hair, it’s the scissor that can make or break the cut.

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Stay away from your blunt kitchen scissors! Trust us, you'll be quick to regret your decision when you’re left with more split ends than before your chop.

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It goes without saying that we’d all much rather leave the chopping to the professionals, but with Lockdown 3.0 on our hands, the responsibility falls on us. You can prepare yourself with endless YouTube tutorials, but without a pair of quality hairdressing scissors, you’re basically doomed. Whether you’re braving a whole new look or trimming an out of control fringe, you deserve to have the best tools behind you.

Invest in yourself and your hair with some of the best hairdressing scissors on Amazon, with each guaranteed to help you achieve a salon-worthy cut at home. From thinning shears to Japanese steel blades, we’ve filtered through the masses to provide you with the best tools to brave your chop.

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The best hairdressing scissors for a professional cut at home

Professional 6 inch Japanese Stainless Steel Thinning Scissors1 of 5
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Professional 6 inch Japanese Stainless Steel Thinning Scissors

These high quality Japanese stainless steel hairdressing scissors feature thinning blades offering a precise and even trim with ease, for a texturized and layered look.Pros:• An ergonomically designed handle with integrated finger rests for a comfortable hold.• Adjustable tension screw to set the right level for your own preference. • The quality stainless steel ensures no hair gets tangled between the blades, reducing messy hair clusters. Cons:• Designed for thinning, these scissors are most suitable for a layered look rather than a straight clean cut.

Professional Hairdressing Scissors Deep Black 6.0 inch2 of 5
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Professional Hairdressing Scissors Deep Black 6.0 inch

Designed to be used by everyone, this pair of hairdressing scissors will guarantee a clean cut for the whole family. From beard trimming to pet grooming, and of course hair cutting, these scissors really can do it all!Pros: • Premium quality and sharp blades for a precise and clean cut.• Designed for professionals, easy to use and comfortable. • Reduces stress on the hands so you can cut all-day.Cons: • With added comfort inserts the finger holes are smaller in size, this gives them a snug fit for smaller hands. However, the inserts are removable, which benefits larger hands.

Ruvanti Professional Left-Handed Hairdressing Scissors3 of 5
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Ruvanti Professional Left-Handed Hairdressing Scissors

Designed exclusively for left-handed people, these quality handmade scissors provide perfect balance and control for a smooth haircut.Pros: • Specifically for the left-handed! Finger rest is on the right side, this offers comfort normal hairdressing scissors wouldn't provide.• Handcrafted with a convex edge blade, the unique anti-skidding design makes them safe for use on little ones and all hair types.Cons: • The inserts in the finger holes make these more suitable to people with smaller hands, but they can be removed to suit all hand sizes.

10pcs Professional Hair Cutting Scissors Set4 of 5
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10pcs Professional Hair Cutting Scissors Set

Give yourself the salon experience at home with this essential's hairdressing set. This kit includes everything you need to get started; cleaning cloth, leather bag, cutting scissors, thinning scissors, bang clip and salon cape.Pros:• Practical kit with everything you need to guarantee a comfortable and easy cut at home. • Includes a protective case to keep everything organised and stored safely.• Quality Japanese stainless steel blades for a sharp cut.Cons: • Scissors included are a lightweight option compared to a scissor that offers more stability through its weight. However, its design allows you to handle hair comfortably and with ease, being able to cut longer without strain.

Candure Professional Hairdressing Scissors5 of 5
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Candure Professional Hairdressing Scissors

Protect your hair from damage and split ends with these professional shears. Pros: • With sharp convex edges and ultra-sharp blades, these shears offer a smooth professional cut at any angle without any damage or split ends to the hair.• Professional coating to prevent the steel from rust.• Adjustable round tension screw to tune scissors to your desired level.Cons: • Designed for professionals these scissors are a weightier option. The heavier weight allows a stable hold and more precise cut.


Maintaining healthy hair

Coco & Eve Like a Virgin Hair Masque1 of 4
CREDIT: amazon

Coco & Eve Like a Virgin Hair Masque

Winner of 13 beauty awards, this hair masque transforms tired, damaged and dull hair into sleek and silky locks in 10 minutes. A best selling 5-1 miracle worker, you'll be lucky to catch it while it's in stock!

The WetBrush Detangling Hair Brush2 of 4
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The WetBrush Detangling Hair Brush

Perfect for all hair types, this brush is designed to glide through tangled hair and comb through knots with ease.

Lu2019Oreal Hair Leave-In Conditioner No Haircut Cream3 of 4
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L’Oreal Hair Leave-In Conditioner No Haircut Cream

Keep your hair looking healthy for longer with this leave-in conditioner designed to prevent breakage and reduce split ends.

Invisbobble ORIGINAL Hair Ties, 3 Pack4 of 4
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Invisbobble ORIGINAL Hair Ties, 3 Pack

Find yourself endlessly tugging and pulling your hair to get hairbands out? Invest in Invisbobble hair ties. Avoid any damage to your hair and easily remove thanks to the smooth surface and spiral shape to avoid kinks.

Tips and tricks for your chop:

Use the right tools

Unlike your kitchen scissors, shears are designed for hair. They provide the correct grip and control and of course, a sharp blade to achieve a clean and neat cut without breakage.

Wet or dry? It’s up to you

Cutting wet or dry is down to personal preference and the texture of your hair. Ideally, you want to start with your hair as straight and smooth as possible for maximum visibility of layers and length to have control of your cut.

Section your hair

Keep your natural or desired parting in place, but section your hair into manageable chunks that would be able to glide through your fingers with ease.

Create a guide

Starting from the front, using a comb bring a section of hair forward and slide the comb down to the desired length of your chop. Keep a taut grip on this section with the comb and cut where you want the hair to fall. Use this first piece as a guide to follow for the rest of the cut.

Still not feeling ready? Follow a professional's guided tutorial

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