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Organise your workspace with a clip-on lamp.

Clip-on lamps on a desk

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Having your own workspace at home is more important than ever, be it for work, school, or just general admin purposes. If there's anything the past two years have taught us, it's that we may not always be able to get into the office or go to a quiet café to do our work.

Now, to keep it organised. A cluttered workspace normally leaves us feeling more disorganised and flustered. Not only does having a clear space leave us feeling happier, but it also makes our working experience much more enjoyable and productive.

A clip-on lamp is an excellent way to help keep your desk tidy and clean, as well as illuminating your workspace. It's incredibly important as it helps protect your eyes from squinting and strain.

It's also particularly ideal for any bedtime reading you may want to do, so whether it's for your workspace or your bedside table, we've rounded up our favourite clip-on lamps below:

The best clip-on lamps

Editor's pick

An excellent desk lamp, this product has built-in LED lights, to provide more light than a single bulb lamp. It's also easily adjustable, meaning you can tilt it to the angle that will best suit you. It boasts 10 different brightness levels and three different colour temperatures, so you can choose the one best suited for your eyesight.

Best clip-on desk lamp for size

If your desk is already filled with work stationery and you need a small but mighty lamp, this Portishead one might just do the trick. It's compact, looks good, and will significantly brighten up your workspace.


A great clip-on desk lamp, it boasts six different illumination modes, an adjustable colour temperature, and a great price tag. It's available in two colours, so you can choose the one that would best match your decor.

Best book clip-on lamp

If you love doing some evening/bedtime reading then you're going to really enjoy this clip-on lam from LuminoLite. It's impressively lightweight and lasts for up to 20 hours on one single charge!

Best quirky clip-on lamp
Clampy Bendy Lamp
Price: £25.60 +

This clip-on lamp is incredibly unique and let's admit it, very cute. An excellent product for anyone looking for something in softer colours.

Best clip-on desk lamp for versatility

We love the versatility of this desk lamp, it can rotate 360-degrees, supports three different colour modes, plus nine brightness dimmers. It effectively illuminates your desk as it has 60 LED lights in the ring.

Are LED desk lamps safe for eyes?

LED lights are excellent for several reasons, these include their power efficiency, brightness and long battery life. However, in recent years there have been concerns over the detrimental effects of LED lighting on the eyes. There are also some concerns that blue light, a wavelength found in bright white LEDs, can interfere with your body’s circadian rhythm, resulting in disturbed sleep patterns.

These concerns are well-founded and research is ongoing in this field. Thankfully, there are ways to combat these negative effects. According to, these include limiting exposure to very bright white LED light and opting for off-white colour hues. Also, limiting the amount of time that you use an LED lightbulb can be very helpful. Thankfully, many desk lamp options come with varying brightness and colour settings, so just remember to keep it on a warmer colour tone and not on the maximum brightness level.

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