The best blush pink bedroom accessories

It's THE colour of the year and we're on the hunt for the best ways to introduce blush pink into your bedroom.

The Best Blush Pink Accessories for Your Bedroom

by Sophie Knight |
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Think pink is just for kids? Think again.

Pink can look equally as good in any modern bedroom as it does in a five-year-old’s princess-themed one.

Saying that, we realise that entirely pink walls and decor isn’t going to be to everyone’s tastes. Instead, we recommend picking up some blush pink accessories and scattering them around your bedroom. They’ll look particularly good paired with deep greens, greys and golds.

If you prefer your bedroom to be a clean white, then these bits and pieces can add some fun without detracting from that well-sought after feeling of calm. You may be surprised at what classy additions these blush pink accents can make.

Here are our favourite blush pink bedroom accessories:


The Best Blush Pink Accessories for Your Bedroom

Retro Style Wood & Pink Bedside Desk Table Lamp1 of 9

Retro Style Wood & Pink Bedside Table Lamp

If there's a bedroom accessory that proves pink can be cool then this is it. An impeccable blend of retro and modern, this sleek lamp provides a bright light to read by before tucking yourself into bed. The wood effect on the stand stops this lamp from seeming too 'office-like', making it more homely and fitting for a bedroom space. It's so perfect, you could even splash out on two and have them either side of your bed. It's also high-quality and sturdy, meaning it can be the light of your life for years to come.

Roberts Revival Uno Retro Digital Radio2 of 9

Roberts Revival Uno Retro Digital Radio

Add a hit of retro glamour to your bedside table with this timelessly stylish digital radio in dusky pink. Its 1950s style will suit most bedroom designs, and is the perfect way to listen to The Archers of an evening, tucked up with a hot chocolate. Just a little insight into the nighttime routine of the WhatTheBest team!

Teddy Bear Blush Marled Throw, £143 of 9

Teddy Bear Blush Marled Throw

How could we have a list of bedroom accessories without including a cosy blanket? This summer's hot weather took our minds far away from the topic of blankets, but the cold will inevitably return at some point. You'll be well prepared if you grab yourself one of these blush pink, shaggy beauties. It's so soft you'll feel like you're wrapped up in a cloud. Well, if clouds were less wet and more cosy. The point is, if you want an affordable yet lavish throw to drape across the bottom of your bed, we've got you

Bunny Ring Holder, £54 of 9

Bunny Ring Holder

Losing rings must be a universal struggle. It sure feels that way! They're just so small and delicate and they never seem to stay where you put them. Luckily, we've found this delightful little ring holder so you never lose one again. It's shaped like a bunny, is glittery and is blush pink in colour. What's not to love? The ears serve as the actual ring holders and, despite the small size of this cute little bunny, it can hold a number of rings securely. You'll never have to worry about losing those precious little pieces of jewellry ever again.

Charley Accent Chair, £1795 of 9

Charley Accent Chair

Make a real statement with an accent chair like this gem from in vintage pink velvet. This is too gorgeous to throw your jumper on to at the end of the day so it has the added advantage of making you tidy up, too.

Illuminated vanity mirror6 of 9

Illuminated vanity mirror

Does your dressing table have the worst lighting? Wish you could recreate natural light to get ready better at night? Going from room-to-room holding your mirror up is a thing of the past: feel like you're in the future with this phenomenal vanity mirror. Bring it with you on the road or into work as it's designed to be taken with you. It's lightweight, rechargeable and easy to use. Choose from three brightness levels to create your best make-up look. Other great features include the double-sided mirror and being able to rotate it 360 degrees.

Addisyn 10m x 53cm Wallpaper Roll7 of 9

Addisyn 10m x 53cm Wallpaper Roll

Really change the look and feel of your bedroom with some blush pink wallpaper. We're in love with this geometric design. Two rolls cover 10.60 square meters, so if your budget is small, go for a feature wall and just use the wallpaper on one wall.

EASEHOME Analog Quartz Alarm Clock8 of 9

EASEHOME Analog Quartz Alarm Clock

The majority of people today set their alarms on their phones. Yet we've all heard the benefits of leaving mobiles out of the bedroom completely. The solution is simple: pick up this gloriously retro piece for your nightstand and leave that pesky phone elsewhere. The clock face is easy to read (which is great when you're sleepy) and it also has a night-light function. The alarm may be loud but you won't be able to hold back a smile when you spot this adorable pink clock every morning.

FUFU Candle Holder9 of 9

FUFU Candle Holder

This is a romantic candle holder in a gorgeous blush pink. The design is inspired by old-time portable horse lamps, albeit with a cute modern twist. Delicate cut-outs in the metal allow for a beautiful, gentle glow to be emitted from the candle within. Although this piece looks best at night with a light flickering inside, it remains a feature in its own right during the day. Place it on a shelf or dressing table to add just a touch of chic and class to your bedroom.

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