Best Amazon buys we’ve made in May we think you’ll love

At What's The Best we're self-confessed shopaholics - here are our picks from Amazon that we've invested in for 2022 so far.

Best Amazon Buys May

by Natalie Corner |

We're always shopping here at What's The Best, whether it's for research purposes or just because we can't resist a great discount. But if your pay packet is burning a hole in your pocket, or if you're stuck for ideas of what to buy people for birthdays, then consider us your personal shoppers and this, your ready-made wishlist.

Amazon used to just be the place to go to buy books and CDs (back in the day), but now you can quite literally buy pretty much anything on the site. We've challenged ourselves and the only thing we can think of that you can't buy on Amazon is an actual house.

Quite simply, here are our favourite things we've bought on Amazon in May that we think you'll love.

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