The best electrolyte supplements

Feed your body with the right electrolytes and reap the rewards. These are the best money can buy.

Best electrolyte supplements

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Electrolytes are the unsung heroes of your body’s functionality. They are essential to optimising performance and ensuring everything runs like clockwork. When it comes to the best supplements, electrolytes should be a number one priority. They play a pivotal role in recovery, muscle repair, and the replenishment of your cells. It’s highly possible that you don’t get sufficient electrolytes from your diet alone; that’s where the best electrolyte supplements swoop in and save the day.

Electrolyte supplements come in all shapes, sizes, and flavours. You can easily find them in dissolvable tablets, powders, gels, or pre-mixed isotonic drinks. Most electrolyte forms are fairly even in terms of ingestion time, so it can just come down to your preference of how they are consumed.

Best electrolyte tablets for gym goers: Science In Sport Hydro Hydration Tablets – View at Amazon
Best tasting electrolyte supplement: Hydration - Multi-Flavour Triple Pack – View at Hux
Best sugar-free electrolyte drink: Wow Hydrate Electrolyte – View at The Skinny Food Co.

Most electrolyte supplements can be taken anytime, anywhere, but some are designed to be taken at specific points. You’ll likely have heard of pre-workout; you should take this around 30 minutes before a workout to feel the full effects. Intra-workout is a similar formula; this is taken throughout your workout. This then leads us nicely onto post-workout, which, yes, you guessed it – is best taken after you’ve done exercising.

In a supplement market that’s become quite saturated in the electrolyte department, rest assured you can still find the right ones for you. At What’s the Best, we’ve compiled a list of the best electrolyte supplements money can buy.

The best electrolyte supplements 2024:

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Best electrolyte powder for gym-goers

Revitalize your body with Bulk Electrolyte Powder – a potent blend of essential minerals for optimal hydration and performance. Convenient, fast-digesting, and perfect for fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and anyone seeking replenishment. It might not fix as effectively as it could, but there's no denying the contents.


  • Made by gym goers for the gym goers
  • Rich in sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium
  • Potent powder form


  • Doesn’t mix as well as it could

Best pre-workout electrolyte supplement

C4 Pre-Workout has grown to be a serious infamy in the fitness community. Prepare to unleash explosive energy, enhanced focus, and endurance. Scientifically formulated by athletes for athletes, it's the perfect blend of performance-boosting ingredients. Like most pre-workouts, it is rather high in caffeine, but if that's not a problem, fill your boots.


  • Sugar-free
  • High in essential vitamins
  • Great flavours


  • High in caffeine

Best electrolyte tablets for gym goers

Stay refreshed on the go with Science In Sport Hydro Hydration Tablets. These little wonders are packed with electrolytes and turn water into a tasty, revitalizing drink. Perfect for active lifestyles, enjoy effortless hydration anytime, anywhere. There's only one flavour available currently, but we hope to see a restock very soon.


  • Reputable brand
  • Easily dissolved tablets


  • Only one flavour is available

Best budget electrolyte powder

Hydravive Rehydration Electrolytes Powder has no trouble keeping you refreshed. Packed with essential minerals, it's a no-brainer for quick and delicious hydration. Perfect for active days or post-workout recovery. Embrace the taste of replenishment. These are best bought in bulk, as you only get seven sachets per pack.


  • Great value for money
  • Contains eight essential vitamins
  • Easy-to-use powder sachets


  • Only seven sachets per pack

Best vegan electrolyte supplement

Fuel your day with Electrolytes Complex Vegan Tablets. Get in all your essential minerals, which are a convenient source for sustained energy and hydration. If you have no trouble with bigger tablets, you're on to a winner. Replenish vital electrolytes the vegan way.


  • Potent vegan formula
  • Lots of tablets
  • Supports muscle function


  • Not easy to swallow

Best tasting electrolyte supplement

Calling all sweet tooths. Experience the best-tasting hydration experience with the Hux Hydration Multi-Flavor Triple Pack. Bursting with electrolytes, these delightful flavours turn every sip into a treat. Stay refreshed and stay replenished.


  • Very tasty flavours
  • Decently
  • Won Best Hydration Supplement of 2023


  • Flavours could be too sweet for some

Best electrolyte gel

Fuel your fitness with SiS GO Isotonic Energy Gel. No fuss, just tasty electrolytes. Whether you're running, cycling, or just chasing life, these gels are the delicious boost you need. These are best reserved for before or after your workouts, as the gel does need to be consumed in one sitting.


  • Super tasty
  • Easy to eat
  • Various flavours available


  • Have to eat it all at once to avoid spillage

Best intra-workout electrolyte sports drink

Powerade Ion4
Price: $90.61

Power up your day with Powerade Ion4. Packed with all those necessary electrolytes, this sports drink is your secret weapon for staying hydrated and energized. Its convenience means it can make a great intra-workout drink, but there's nothing saying you can't have it before or after you exercise either.


  • Full of all the essential electrolytes
  • Iconic and tasty flavours


  • High in sugar

Best sugar-free electrolyte drink

Wow Hydrate Electrolyte is the next big name in high-electrolyte sports drinks. A high vitamin and mineral content is something your body craves, and Wow Hydrate has it. Convenient, effective, and seriously satisfying – redefine your hydration experience with every sip.


  • Almost zero calories
  • Sugar free
  • Refreshing and great-tasting


  • Can be difficult to mix 100%

The best electrolyte and protein 2-in-1

Clear Whey Electrolyte is the best of both worlds. Hit your protein goal and ensure your body has all the essential vitamins and minerals required for muscle recovery. It's affordable and comes in countless vibrant flavours (when they're in stock).


  • Effective way to get in both protein and electrolytes
  • Vibrant flavours
  • Reputable brand


  • Can leave a lingering smell in shakers


Does Gatorade have electrolytes?

Yes, isotonic sports drinks, including Gatorade, are extremely high in electrolytes and easy to get into your system. They can be drunk before, during, and after a workout, too. Make sure to take extra care when picking out an electrolyte drink because many are extremely high in sugar. However, there are more and more sugar-free electrolyte drink options on the shelves today than there have ever been before.

Are electrolytes good for you?

Yes, there’s no debate that electrolytes are extremely good for you. They are responsible for so many of your body’s functions and ensure they run optimally. Electrolytes are even more important if you partake in regular sports and exercise. They will undoubtedly help your body’s recovery process and energy production for the actual workouts.

If the goal is muscle growth and development, and all the other factors in your diet are up to scratch, electrolytes will bolster the bodily functions required to hit those goals. Electrolytes will assist in hypertrophy, and the speed in which you’ll recover from a hard weightlifting session. In bodybuilder terms - gains, gains, and more gains.

Do electrolytes give you energy?

It’s not so black and white as electrolytes giving you energy. What electrolytes do is facilitate the production of energy in the body. Electrolytes are essential to make sure your body is hydrated, your muscles work properly, and your heart beating regularly. Electrolytes are key to making sure your body functions the best it can.

Does water have electrolytes?

Yes, ordinary water does contain some electrolytes. Although, it’s nowhere near enough for your body to function optimally. According to Healthline, a litre of tap water only contains 2-3 per cent of your reference daily intake for sodium, calcium, and magnesium. It’s also almost completely void of potassium.

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