Best Women's Running Commuter Backpacks


Author: Paul Larkins

For anyone who might think time is your enemy when it comes to running, commuting backpacks are the answer. You can run to work, safe in the knowledge that these packs will carry everything you need and more importantly, will fit perfectly. When we’re looking at great packs, storage, fit and breathability are all key elements.

The best packs have quick access pockets for drinks bottles and secure compartments for cash and the like, but not at the expense of weight or size. And while we’re at it, take a look at backpacks that have had an anti-bacterial treatment. It’s not a piece of kit you’d wash too often, but given the dirt and sweat it’ll attract on any run, a backpack will soon begin to pong! Fear not, anti-bacterial treatment will stop all of that. Strapping is also a massive issue, which is why it’s worth looking at women-specific packs such as the Patagonia Nine Trails 18L. With its neat looks and thoughtful design, this durable, versatile pack is made for moving fast and light over technical terrain. For a rucksack-style pack it’s extremely comfortable to run in, with a padded harness and breathable back system. Features zipped hip and lid pockets and stretch pockets on the front and sides. If you need something bigger, then take a look at the Ultimate Direction Fastpack 25. The large main compartment is excellent for bulkier items.

Gregory Maya 22 - Best Women's Running Commuter Backpacks

Gregory Maya 22 

This has a classic rucksack design. Featuring a fully-unzippable main compartment, hip belt pockets, side pockets and expandable helmet storage it’s durable and great as a travel bag and for general use.

Salomon Skin Pro 15 - Best Women's Running Commuter Backpacks

Salomon Skin Pro 15 

This fantastic-looking, brilliantly versatile pack is designed for multiple sports and body shapes. It’s lightweight, stretchy and superbly comfortable, with five pockets plus an easy-access main compartment.

OMM Classic 25 - Best Women's Running Commuter Backpacks

OMM Classic 25 

Features include removable sleeping/back pad, zipped lid and hip pockets and adjustable mesh side and front pockets for waterproofs and other gear. Good adjustment but may not fit smaller runners so well.

Camelbak Octane 16X - Best Women's Running Commuter Backpacks

Camelbak Octane 16X

The well-designed zip front on this rucksack-style pack means it expands to fit your kit. Itit also includes a three-litre hydration bladder and reflective details. Good for commutes and adventures on foot or bike.

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