The best umbrellas for whatever the weather throws your way

Always be prepared with one of these handy umbrellas.

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Let's be honest, British weather is highly unpredictable - the only thing we can be sure of is that we will get more rainy days than sunny days.

We've all had it happen where we're out, enjoying a fairly warm day and out of the blue, it starts pouring down. Or, worse, when you're out and prepared but it's too windy for your frail umbrella and it breaks just as you've started walking home.

No one enjoys getting soaked in the rain (that we know of, anyway) and a sure way to avoid this is by purchasing a sturdy and durable umbrella.

That's why we've decided to round up the best umbrellas for whatever the weather throws at you. Whether you're looking for a small or large one, wind-resistant, heavy or light, we've got you covered.

So you can wave goodbye to constantly replacing your umbrella every few months, as these ones will last.

The best umbrellas in the UK

Editor's pick
ZOMAKE Automatic Golf Umbrella Windproof

Rrp: $28.44

Price: $25.99

You can wave goodbye to your umbrella breaking in windy conditions with this product from ZOMAKE. Due to its double canopy design, the umbrella is much easier to hold in difficult weather conditions than others, meaning it's basically windproof! We also love that there's a wide range of colours and patterns available, so you're not stuck with the usual boring colours. It's also pretty large as far as umbrellas go, so it's ideal if you're out with friends or family and don't want to bring two or three individual umbrellas.

Review: "My umbrella came super fast and super packed. I used it on the day of arrival as we had bad weather. Its amazing for an umbrella. Yes that sounds silly but it's so good. Very vey big which is what I wanted and ordered 68inch. Holds the hole family of 4 under it. And the technology put into it helps as it will not blow out of your hand in a big gust of wind or blow itself inside out thanks to the slits in the top allowing air to pass through. Very pleased and would highly recommend to all. The size may not suit all but there is a smaller option. Thank you"

Best umbrella for tough weather conditions
Fulton Stormshield
Price: $45.95

If you're going to be braving the tough and more difficult weather conditions, then we recommend the Fulton Stormshield umbrella. An added bonus is that the shaft is made out of non-conductive fibreglass, so you can rest assured you won't be struck by lightning. Similar to the product above, it has a vented design which allows it to be easily held in windy weather.

Review: "Brilliant high-quality brolly. Designed so it cannot become inverted during even the mightiest storm. It is a large brolly, so during high winds be prepared to wrangle with it a bit while trying to maintain dignity. I may be brought to tears when I inevitably lose mine somewhere - which should tell you it's worth your hard-earned cash."

Best umbrella for solo travel
Price: £99.00

If you don't need a large umbrella, but rather just need a compact umbrella you can pop in your bag, this one from Davek would be ideal for you. It's incredibly sturdy yet very lightweight, so it won't be annoying or heavy to carry around.

Review: "Very happy with the purchase. The umbrellas are high quality and fit perfectly in my carry-on suitcases."

Best lightweight umbrella

Whilst larger umbrellas can be excellent if you're out with your partner or friends, they usually end up being a bit too heavy to carry inconspicuously. And as we previously mentioned, British weather is nothing but unpredictable, so you don't want to be carrying a huge weight around because you might not even need it. This is where the Fulton Tiny1 Umbrella comes into play. It's super light and uber compact; you can easily fit it in your bag and carry it around.

Review: "I love these umbrellas, I never lose them because I never leave them around since they are so pocketable. You can get the water off of them and put them back in your pocket instantly thanks to the waterproof materials, and they are sturdy enough to last a long time. The only drawback is that they aren't the widest diameter meaning that you may get a bit wet in heavy rain. BUT at least you will ALWAYS have it with you. The best umbrella is the one you have with you when it rains!"

Fulton Birdcage-1 Umbrella
Price: $32.95

If you're going for any windy walks in the countryside, this is the umbrella to bring with you. The dome design and the fact that it's made from fibreglass and PVC mean it's super wind-resistant and ensures you don't ever get wet, independent of the wind direction. It also has several different colours, so you don't have to be stuck with the usual options.

Review: "Large enough to keep you dry, great for sharing, comes with a 360-degree view, perfect for crossing roads, and navigating pavements with other pedestrians, and simply a must-have for hair and makeup appointments.

"If you give this umbrella a good shake or allow the umbrella to dry before closing back up, you won't need to use a sprinkle of talc. A stylish and well-made birdcage umbrella, I was so impressed with my 1st Fulton purchased that I made this my second gift for my daughter, who loved it."


These umbrellas are ideal for anyone wanting a different and unique design. The reversible feature allows you to easily carry it, and it also prevents you from having to trudge around with a rain-soaked umbrella. It's also very durable and even has UV protection! You also have plenty of options for colours and designs, too.

Review: "I really like this umbrella, it's so unique as it folds outward and keeps you dry. Everyone I have shown it to has loved it and even said they would get one for themselves. Very good when it's windy and very light and easy to hook on your arm or a bag."


Which umbrella is best for the wind?

In our humble opinion, based on reviews and testing, the best wind-resistant umbrella would have to be the ZOMAKE Golf Umbrella.

What is a reverse umbrella?

A reverse umbrella basically inverts so that you can easily carry it inside out. Apart from making it much easier to transport, it also ensures you don't need to trudge around a soaked umbrella that keeps getting your shoes and the rest of your clothes wet.

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