The best skipping ropes for every type of workout

Ready to progress your skipping to the next level? From digital fitness ropes to weighted boxing and CrossFit ropes, we’ve shortlisted 10 of the best.

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Skipping ropes aren’t like what they used to be, they can now become a staple in your home gym. As tech has become more advanced, so have the skipping ropes we practice with. Nowadays, there are rope solutions for all purposes; as a good fitness all-rounder, there are skipping ropes for beginners and those more suited for the advanced. You then get activity-specific skipping ropes for CrossFit, boxing, and cardio fitness, skipping ropes designed specifically for indoors, digital skipping ropes that track your progress, and even skipping ropes that don’t even have a rope. How on earth does that even work?

Most skipping ropes are still super lightweight, perfect for packing in your gym bag (along with your gym towel, resistance band, and a spare pair of running tights), so you'll always have one on the go. There are so many different types, but there's no need to get intimidated – we’ve shortlisted the best skipping ropes for every type of workout.

What should I look for in a skipping rope?

Due to the vast differences and specific benefits of skipping ropes, there are a few factors to consider before purchasing the right one for you:

Experience level: Are you an experienced or beginner at skipping?

Purpose and benefits: What will this skipping rope be used for? This will affect the material and type with options including basic, speed, weighted, and beaded.

Is it for a full-body workout? In this case, a more heavy-duty weighted rope is key.

Looking to build conditioning skills? Buy a skipping rope that puts speed as a priority.

How long should a skipping rope be?

This is the basic rule of thumb when buying a skipping rope:

• Buy a rope length of 7ft if you are up to 4’ 10”

• Buy a rope length of 8ft if you are 4’ 11” to 5’ 4”

• Buy a rope length of 9ft if you are 5’5” to 5’11”

• Buy a rope length of 10ft if you are 6’0” to 6’6”

• Buy a rope length of 11ft if you are 6’ 7”

Here are 10 of the best skipping ropes:

Best skipping rope for fitness

Beast Rope by Beast Gear

Rrp: £9.99

Price: £4.99


Overall, the best skipping rope for fitness is the Beast Rope by Beast Gear. It's great for speed

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Best skipping rope for beginners


The best skipping rope for beginners is the Dope Rope 2.0 – Cardio Fitness Jump Rope. Coming in

Best skipping rope for speed and experience


The best skipping rope for speed and experience is the Beast Rope Pro. It's ideal for advanced

Best weighted skipping rope


The best-weighted skipping rope is the Decathlon Domyos Weighted Skipping Rope. With two 80g

Best CrossFit skipping rope

BODYMATE Premium Skipping Rope

Rrp: £15.50

Price: £15.50


The best CrossFit skipping rope is the BODYMATE Premium Skipping Rope with non-slip handles. The

Best skipping rope for boxing

Gritin Skipping Rope

Rrp: £9.99

Price: £6.99


The best skipping rope for boxing is the Gritin Skipping Rope, a speed jumping rope with a soft

Best cardio skipping rope


The best cardio skipping rope is this EliteSRS Thick Beaded Fitness Jump Rope. Coming in black or

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Best indoor skipping rope


Smooth, quick, and comfortable; Blukar's excellent, durable skipping rope is fantastically

Best digital skipping rope


For something a little different, the best digital skipping rope is the multifun Skipping Rope.

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Best tangle-free skipping rope

CyberDyer Weighted Ropeless Jump Rope
Price: £17.99


If you're after something truly unique, check out the CyberDyer weighted Ropeless Jump Rope.

Skipping rope FAQs:

How to skip rope

Check out this video for a tutorial on how to use your skipping rope to keep your feet from getting in a tangle:

How to adjust a skipping rope

All the skipping ropes included above are easily adjustable. And, to determine whether the skipping rope is a good fit for you, simply step in the middle of the rope and pull the rope up towards your shoulders. The cables of the skipping rope (not the handles) should reach your armpits. Sometimes you might need to trim the excess wire with wire cutters, but if this were the case, there would be instructions included to guide you through the process.

Is skipping better than running?

Skipping has been found to burn more calories than running, making it more efficient as a choice of exercise but less efficient travel-wise. Therefore, it is good to combine both skipping and running to burn calories and allow your body some rest time. Experience level and technique can also play a part in this efficiency.

Skipping is meant to be a lower impact than running (or jogging) if done properly, however, beginners tend to jump higher than necessary. In terms of HIIT, there has been a direct parallel between skipping and faster fat loss results (abs and trunk muscles). Hence why you should keep your core tight while skipping so you can target and tone those specific areas.

Woman using skipping rope
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Is it okay to skip every day?

It is always best to skip in moderation and allow your body a break. In saying that, it is okay to skip a small amount every day ensuring you have a decent skill level and overall physical health. Start slowly and listen to your body to prevent any injuries from occurring. A little skipping practice a day (in short, high-intensity interval sets) has also been found to help burn calories and build muscle mass over time.

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How many calories does skipping rope burn?

It has been said that you can burn 10 calories by skipping for just one minute. Therefore, to apply this to a practical workout, you can burn between 300-450 calories by skipping for 30 minutes. This of course depends on what you do throughout the day and your weight, but that number of calories is about the same as eating a double bacon cheeseburger.

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What are the benefits of skipping?

Being an excellent fast fat-burning activity, skipping certainly has its benefits. Here are five of the main reasons you should get started today:

Skipping is a great cardio exercise to improve your overall health and mental health (reducing the risk of heart disease, strokes, anxiety, and depression).

By calming the body and muscles, skipping can improve concentration, coordination, and flexibility.

By increasing your stamina, regular skipping can reduce fatigue.

By encouraging blood circulation and breathing, skipping can improve your pulmonary function.

With HIIT, skipping can help you to lose weight and decrease your whole-body fat (especially belly fat). As well as, strengthen the abdominal muscles and increase bone density.

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