The best inflatable kayak seats of 2023

Paddle with style and comfort this summer - we've rounded up the very best inflatable kayak seats of the year.

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Should you find yourself coursing down scenic rivers or drifting along lakes this summer for an adventurous, nature-packed getaway, there's a strong likelihood you'll be aboard an excellent kayak.

Regardless of whether or not you're planning on kayaking alone on a one-person inflatable kayak, or you're eager to get the entire family afloat - if you're planning an entire day's excursion, you'll quickly run into some noticeable pains and aches. Kayaks have no back support at all, so with all likelihood your posture is bound to take a nosedive, and backache is quite the opposite of fun.

The best inflatable kayak seats at a glance:

Best kayak seat: FOLCONROAD Kayak Seat with high backrest - View on Amazon
Best value kayak seat: Aqua Marina High-Back Kayak Seat - View on Amazon
Best kayak seat for storage: BEYOND MARINA Kayak Seats - View on Amazon

For those eager to keep rowing till sunset, we've gathered some truly excellent kayak seats from across the web - perfect for taking a load off, kicking back and truly embracing those magical summer moments - or for some getting in some extra exercise.

Easy to install with plenty of padding, storage-efficient, and best of all - affordable, these simple, yet effective inflatable kayak seats absolutely change the game when it comes to prolonged comfort while out on the water.

Best kayak seat

For the ultimate comfort, excellent quality and plenty of back support, look no further than Folconroad's simply superb kayak seat, perfect for a day on a river with a variety of watercraft. Tough, with excellent padding for an all day adventure, this kayak seat is perfect for even the best paddleboards, giving you some downtime while you're coasting along.

Simply clip and attach to your kayak, adjust and paddle away - and what's more, it's perfectly compatible with even two-person kayaks.


  • Excellent folding design
  • Very comfortable and breathable
  • Great storage options


  • Detachable bag isn't incredibly waterproof

Best value kayak seat

Aqua Marina High-Back Kayak Seat
Price: $69.00
Alternative retailers
Walmart$69.00View offer

If you're travelling light on a multi-day excursion, packing efficiency is essential. This perfectly convenient foldable kayak seat with a sponge cushion saves you from carrying around a bulky, awkward seat, giving you plenty of room for essentials.

To install, simply clip the kayak seat to the D-rings within the kayak itself and adjust the strap to tighten it thoroughly. Looking for a convenient place to store your bottle? Simply use one of the pockets on the back of the chair to store all of your essentials, it's just that easy.

The Aqua Marina kayak seat is certainly comfortable, but it lacks the rigidity and padding of other competing kayak seats at the sacrifice of being incredibly lightweight and portable.


  • Great value
  • Comfortable support
  • Incredibly compact
  • Easy to install


  • Not as much cushioning as alternative options

Best kayak seat for storage

For those looking for the next level of premium kayak seat quality, with plenty of comfortability, heaps of back support and more, AGF's kayak seat is simply excellent.

Well-made to withstand rapid rivers and the occasional capsizing, this rigid kayaking seat can be used practically anywhere and even on a variety of watercraft - from paddleboards to canoes. Simply use the premium brass clips to attach the seat into your inflatable kayak and get paddling with plenty of support to boot.

What's more, the AGF kayaking seat has an incredibly practical back storage bag - so your smartphone, keys and other precious possessions don't become quickly waterlogged.


  • Incredibly comfortable
  • Great back storage bag for quick access to essentials
  • Easy to install
  • Versatile


  • Bulkier than other options

Best easy installation kayak seat

When shopping for the ideal inflatable kayak seat, you've probably quickly realised just how expensive they can be. What's more, not all kayak seats are accommodating for kayaks, canoes or other water sports - so it's tough to commit to a single choice. For reliability, value and versatility, however, HOMCOM's kayak seat is more than perfect for a kayaking adventure.

Easy to install with four adjustable straps, a high, thick cushioned semi-rigid backrest, and a tough EVA core - HOMCOM's kayak seat is without question one of the best kayak seats available right now. For its price alone (which is almost half of its competition without cutting back on quality, the seat is simply perfect - there's no denying it, it's no wonder it's one of the most popular kayaking seats online right now.


  • Easy to install
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Excellent value


  • Some users reported issues with straps - but this is uncommon

Best ultra-lightweight kayak seat

Tough, durable, yet incredibly lightweight, the Goosehill Kayak Seat is the perfect blend of practicality and comfort. Easy to carry, easy to install, and simply perfect for just grabbing that extra hit for a long day on the water, Goosehill has made an incredibly premium kayak seat to last you hundreds of adventures, and we can't recommend it enough.

While it's certainly tough, there are definitely some cutbacks in terms of pure comfort, especially when compared to the larger, heftier kayak seats, but this is a necessary sacrifice for the sake of portability, which is certainly the focus of this particular seat.

Clear some room in your backpack for your inflatable kayak pump, and plenty of snacks and beverages - and maybe a buoyancy aid.


  • Perfect for easy carrying
  • Great support
  • Easy to install
  • Great value


  • Not as comfortable as other options

Are kayak seats universal?

Kayak seats are, for the most part, universal - they will fit most kayaks, provided you have the suitable clips and D-Rings on your watercraft.

You can easily purchase D-rings and tie-down clips online - and very affordably too.

Best D-ring

These PLCatis D Rings should do the job perfectly. Although the screws can be a bit fiddly to get right, beyond that it's easy to install. Plus, since it's so durable, you won't need to worry about it coming loose.


  • Incredibly tough
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable


  • Screws can be a bit fiddly

Are kayak seats worth it?

For a quick and easy way to ease back pain, allowing you to really embrace the moment - kayak seats are essential, they're also incredibly versatile and are perfect for encouraging you to get back out into the water for some great exercise.

Kayaking vs paddleboarding - what's the best?

Both watercraft are incredibly popular, and most importantly - fun, but is there a clear winner in terms of overall performance?

Generally speaking, it's much easier to go faster in a kayak, they can have plenty of storage space for bags, and you're not standing up for a good while, so for some, kayaks are the clear victor.

However, there is some simple pleasure in coasting along riverbanks atop a paddleboard, and they're truly great exercise.

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