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Wet Walk - Best dry bags

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Dry bags are an essential for anyone with an outdoor pastime, whether you’re into canoeing or sailing, fishing or rafting, skiing or snowboarding, hiking, biking or just sunbathing on the beach.

Dry bags come in various sizes (measured in litres), which are intended for various uses. Some are designed to be placed inside a bag to keep your belongings protected, dry and in order. Some larger variants are designed to line your entire bag, offering universal protection. There are some hardcore options specifically designed for entering the water during canoeing and sailing.

The opposite is also true – thanks to their waterproof nature, damp items or items that may leak can be stored inside of a dry bag to protect whatever is outside. The design also means that they keep out dirt, dust and sand – perfect for beach holidays or trips into warmer climates.

Different brands will work in different ways, but the basic operation of a dry bag is based on a similar premise. You simply place your items in the bag, bring the edges of the open top together, fold them down once, compress to squeeze out the excess air and buckle it up, creating a tight seal which will protect your things.

Please note that not all dry bags are fully waterproof when submerged due to the buckled seal not being 100% airtight – make sure to follow instructions to guarantee your gear is protected!


Best Dry Bags

Milestone Dry Sacks (Pack of 3)1 of 5

Milestone Dry Sacks (Pack of 3)

A set of three, no-fuss dry bags that will keep your belongings dry and in order. The sizes (2L, 4L and 8L) are perfect for rucksack organisation.

Rohtar - The Ideal Travel Bag for Cyclists2 of 5

Rohtar - The Ideal Travel Bag for Cyclists

This is the ultimate cyclist and commuter pack. This hi-viz bag will protect your important belongings no matter the weather. In seconds, this bag can be switched from bike pannier bag to rucksack, to single strap messenger bag – adapting to your day as you need it. Available in 18L and 25L variants and three colours.

Blackace Dry Bag3 of 5

Blackace Dry Bag

When dry bag meets backpack. The Blackace comes with adjustable shoulder straps and an external pocket, making it the ideal waterside companion. The Blackace Dry Bag is available in 5L, 10L, 20L and 30L sizes, and multiple colours.

Osprey Ultralight Pack Liner M (50-70L), £15.004 of 5

Osprey Ultralight Pack Liner M (50-70L), £15.00

This large dry bag lines the inside of your rucksack, guaranteeing that no matter the weather, all your belongings stay dry. These liners are essential for backpackers and trekkers, no matter the climate – the reassurance that liners such as this provide is priceless. Also available in S.

Exped Cloudburst 25 Rucksack5 of 5

Exped Cloudburst 25 Rucksack

The Cloudburst 25 is brought to you be Exped, a brand with outdoor pedigree. The Cloudburst is an extremely lightweight pack suitable for walkers, runners or canoeists. The shoulder straps are extremely comfortable and boast a chest strap for extra load stability. The pack is extremely small when empty and may be stowed for use as a backup rucksack – just in case, you never know when you may need it.

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