The best camping cookware

Sure, you want the weather to be good but that doesn't mean you can't cook up a storm - check out the best cookware to help you rustle up a fireside feast

Wakey wakey, eggs and baccy - the best campsite cookware

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Gone are the days of rattling billy cans and dented mess tins – the camping cookware of today is lighter, more compact and more versatile than ever.

Clever space-saving designs mean that even the most comprehensive of camping cookware sets, like the HI-GEAR Basecamp 6 Cook Set, can pack into space-saving and portable configurations.

A large section of the market has adopted adonized aluminium and alloys for their product construction. This means that the material is thinned but not weakened, reducing an item’s size and weight, and making them stainless and easy clean. The best of everything, basically.

Camping cookware is available in a number of styles. Products like the Cozyswan Outdoor Pot Pan Set and STANLEY Adventure Cook Set are self-contained units ideal for backpackers or hikers with simple cooking needs. There are larger sets like the already mentioned Basecamp 6 Cook Set which provide a wide array of items for a campsite group or family setting. For those who don’t need to worry about portability, items like the 3 Way Outdoor Frying Pan will bring a little cooking luxury to the camping experience.

Here are our picks for the best camping cookware products out there today. Once you've made your choice be sure to get the best camping stove or cooker for you.

Best Camping Cookware

Lightweight cooking

The Cozyswan is an updated take on the traditional bill can design which is easily stored and carried in a mesh bag. The deep pot and cooking bowl have ergonomic folding handles and weigh under 300g. When stowed there is room inside to carry smaller items, like utensils, firelighters or water sanitising tablets.

Perfect for two people

The Odoland Cookware Kit is a larger kit designed for two people, with a large 1.2L pot and frying pan. The kit includes bowls and cleaning equipment and collects up into one small portable carry bag.

Cooking and eating in one

A simple robust and tough stainless-steel cooking beaker with a folding handle and two insulated cups. A great product for a coffee or lunch break during a day's walking.

Hot water on the move

They're typically the bulkiest of cookware items and boiling in a saucepan isn't efficient. Solution: collapsible kettle. With a 1.5L capacity, this is sure to fill a few mugs and put a smile on a few faces.

Cheese toasties on a hillside

Getting back to nature doesn't mean going without a toasted sandwich or grilled panini. This grill works with a pot stand and stovetop camping cookers. Simply cook one side until it's done and flip it over to do the other side. We wouldn't recommend hurling this all the way up Skiddaw just for a tuna melt, but it's a great thing to have waiting for you at camp.

Windshields and burner included

A very clever and lightweight option from Trangia, this set contains a stove, two windshields, two pans, a combined lid/frypan, and a handle in a package that weighs only 720g. It's made from aluminium and designed to take up as little room as possible while still being useful.

Campsite espresso
Espresso Maker by Cafe Du Chateau

Rrp: $22.99

Price: $19.99

You're sleeping on the ground in a field - you can allow yourself this little extravagance. It'll make six espressos (or one really strong coffee) to give you that morning kick and prepare you for the day ahead.

Hand pumped espresso

If you're wanting to save even more space but still enjoy a proper espresso, this hand-pump espresso machine is ideal. Incredibly lightweight at just 480g, all you need to do is pump it up to 16 bar and add some boiled water for a refreshing blast of coffee.

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