Best Men's Running Commuter Backpacks


Author: Paul Larkins

For anyone who might think time is your enemy when it comes to running, commuting backpacks are the answer. You can run to work, safe in the knowledge that these packs will carry everything you need and more importantly, will fit perfectly. When we’re looking at great packs, storage, fit and breathability are all key elements. The best packs have quick access pockets for drinks bottles and secure compartments for cash and the like, but not at the expense of weight or size. And while we’re at it, take a look at backpacks that have had an anti-bacterial treatment. It’s not a piece of kit you’d wash too often, but given the dirt and sweat it’ll attract on any run, a backpack will soon begin to pong! Fear not, anti-bacterial treatment will stop all of that. When we’re looking at great packs, storage, fit and breathability are all key elements. Strapping is definitely worth looking at - it has to be adjustable and suitably flexible  and features on packs such as the Osprey Duro 15 . Available in two back sizes it has a great fit with no bounce. The selection of zipped and stretch pockets keeps everything organised and easily accessed on the go. Or for the super adventurous try the Inov-8 All Terrain 25. Designed for longer trips or fast and light alpine adventures, this pack carries weight very well and adjusts to different back sizes for a great fit and has useful stash.

Montane Trailblazer 30 - Best Men's Running Commuter Backpacks

Montane Trailblazer 30

This has an adjustable back system offering a great fit across a range of sizes. The 30-litre capacity makes it perfect for longer adventures and the well-designed features allow you to keep kit organised within easy reach. The stiffened back panel, hip belt and shoulder straps carry weight well.

Alpkit Presta - Best Men's Running Commuter Backpacks

Alpkit Presta 

This features a hip belt and compression system. It’s a great everyday bag with zip access to the main compartment, simple but useful features such as zipped hip and lid pockets and large elasticated stash pockets.

Vaude Trail Spacer 18 - Best Men's Running Commuter Backpacks

Vaude Trail Spacer 18 

The woven back pad is comfortable, supportive and low-waste, while the main pack is PFC-free and features large zipped wand pockets, chest pockets and stretchy stash pockets in a really comfortable race vest-style design.

Terra Nova Laser 25 - Best Men's Running Commuter Backpacks

Terra Nova Laser 25 

A super-lightweight pack designed specifically for multi-day running, cycling and adventure racing.

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