The best pull-up bars for serious strength gains

Red Bull doesn't give you wings, pull ups do. Here's the best pull up bars to grow your lats at home.

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Pull-ups - you either love them, hate them, or dare not even attempt them. Whatever your stance, there’s no denying that they’re a very effective compound exercise, and hey, if you can master them, then the bragging rights are well-earned. The great thing about pull-ups is that you don’t necessarily need to head over to the gym to do them; a sturdy pull-up bar is all you need, and it's a handy piece of gym equipment beyond just building a bigger back. We’re here to present you with the best pull-up bars for home workouts.

You’ll be pleased to know that you have quite a few options when it comes to home pull-up bars. You can find a pull-up bar that fits your home setup nicely. We’ve all seen door-mounted pull-up bars, which are a viable option. These come in two forms: telescopic pull-up bars, which go between the door frame and secure within the gap, and over-the-door mounted bars, which go over your door frame. Both of these options are simple and typically don’t require screws or any major installation.

The best pull-up bars at a glance:

The best telescopic pull-up bar: FitBeast Pull-Up Bar for Doorway – View at Amazon
The best wall-mounted pull-up bar: CORENGTH Folding Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bar – View at Decathlon
The best budget pull-up station: HOMCOM Power Tower – View at Debenhams

You should also consider wall-mounted pull-up bars too. Given you have the space, these types are fitted and secured into a wall and offer far more stability than those pull-up bars that rely on the integrity of your door frame. These require fitments and proper installation, but they make a brilliant addition to any home gym.

If you want to disregard any mounted pull-up bar altogether, you can opt for a free-standing pull-up station. Sometimes referred to as a rack or tower, it’s just one unit that can be positioned in any room where you have space. This is a sound option if you feel uncomfortable mounting or installing a bar to your door frames or walls.

To completely kit yourself out for upper body workouts, we'd recommend grabbing a push-up board to give you an awesome chest, delt and tricep-building tool.

Now you know what’s out there, it's time to optimise your home resistance workouts; here’s our buyer’s guide for the best pull-up bars of 2024.

The best pull-up bars of 2024:

Please note: All prices are correct at the time of writing. Prices, stock and deals are subject to change without notice.

The best pull-up station

The Pro Fitness Power Tower is a game-changer for home workouts. Its sturdy construction and versatile design make it perfect for strength training. The pull-up, chin-up, and dip grips provide a full-body workout. Compact yet robust, it's a must-have for anyone serious about building strength and achieving fitness goals at home. Just be extra sure you have the space for it.


  • Multi-purpose
  • Adjustable height
  • Simple assembly


  • Requires space

The best budget pull-up station

Power Tower Multi Function Pull Up Station with Adjustable Height
Price: £76.98 (was £115.99)

The HOMCOM Power Tower is a fantastic addition to any home gym. Its durable steel frame ensures stability during intense workouts and offers multiple exercise options, including pull-ups, dips, and leg raises. Assembly instructions have been said to be somewhat confusing at times, so don't expect putting it together to be a walk in the park.


  • Great value for money
  • Very robust for the price


  • Assembly instructions somewhat unclear

The best multi-purpose pull-up bar

Perfect Fitness Men's Perfect Multifunctional Multi Pro
Price: $66.60

The Perfect Fitness Multi Pro Pull-Up Bar is brilliant for upper-body home workouts. Its strong construction and versatile grip positions allow for diverse exercises targeting different muscle groups. Easy to install and compatible with most doorframes, it's a compact yet effective tool for enhancing strength and fitness at home.


  • Well-made
  • Pleasant grips
  • Kind to door frames


  • Doesn’t excel with floor exercises as well as when door mounted

The best budget telescopic pull up bar

Ultrasport Pull-up Bar
Price: $53.00

The Ultrasport Pull-up Bar is a simple yet highly effective fitness accessory. Its smart design and easy installation on doorframes make it ideal for home workouts. Offering a variety of grip positions, it's perfect for pull-ups and chin-ups. Affordable, durable, and space-efficient – a must-have for anyone aiming to strengthen their upper body. It does only have a 100kg user weight limit though, so bare that in mind before buying.


  • Easy to store and set up
  • One of the cheaper options on our list


  • Only 100kg capacity

The best wall mounted pull up bar

The CORENGTH Folding Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bar is a space-saving delight. It's well-made and offers various grip options to keep your home workouts fresh. The foldable design maximizes room space, making it perfect for home gyms. Easy to install and durable, it's an efficient solution for those seeking a compact, reliable pull-up bar. It's just a shame it doesn't come with the wall mount fittings.


  • Various effective grips to choose from
  • Handy folding design
  • Very sturdy


  • Doesn't come with wall mount fittings

The best heavy-duty wall mounted pull up bar

The K-SPORT Wall Mounted Pull Up Dip Bar Station is a powerhouse for home fitness. Clever construction ensures stability for intense workouts. The dual functionality – which offers pull-ups and dips – adds versatility to your routine. Easy to install, it's a space-efficient solution for achieving a full upper-body workout at home. Just make sure you have the space for it.


  • Multi-purpose kit
  • Stylish
  • Robust build but comfortable to use


  • Will require dedicating significant space

The best value wall mounted pull-up bar

This is a home workout essential. A practical build and easy installation make it more than reliable. With multiple grip positions, it provides a variety of upper-body exercises. Compact and durable, it's an excellent investment for any home fitness enthusiast. It is best fitted to concrete, though; any other walls could be risky.


  • Great value for money
  • Fully adjustable
  • High quality material


  • Should only be fitted into concrete

The best telescopic pull-up bar

FitBeast Pull Up Bar

Rrp: $54.99

Price: $39.99

The FitBeast Pull-Up Bar for Doorways is a versatile and convenient fitness tool. You won't need any screws, you get multiple grip positions for various movements. It's an excellent choice for those looking to enhance their home exercise routine. Be sure to pick a sturdy doorway, because this pull-up bar might not fare well with a weaker one.


  • Very strong and sturdy
  • Virtually no risk of slipping if mounted correctly
  • Triple locking mechanism


  • Not suitable for weak doorways

The best super-value telescopic pull-up bar

BodyMax Doorway Pull Up Bar and Chin Up Bar
Price: £9.99 (was £12.99)

The BodyMax Doorway Pull-Up Bar is a compact fitness accessory that's serious value for money. Effortless to install, its sound build ensures safety during exercises. This versatile and convenient bar is a fantastic addition to any home gym and is perfect for building strength – as with all telescopic bars, just be sure you have a strong and sturdy doorframe.


  • Cheapest on the market
  • Reliable non-slip grips
  • Reputable brand


  • Demands a strong door frame

The best pull-up frame

The K-SPORT Freestanding Pull-Up Bar Station is a welcome addition to your home fitness space. It caters to various upper-body exercises. Easy to put together too, it provides a stable platform for pull-ups and dips, making it an excellent choice for comprehensive workouts.


  • Highly durable and secure
  • Bold colours
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use


  • Money could be spent on a more multi-functional station


How to do pull-ups

A pull-up may look like a simple movement from the outside, but it’s still very important to get the movement down right to maximise its effectiveness and minimise injury risk.

1. Stand underneath the pull-up bar and hold your hands out to the grips

2. Hold the grips and suspend yourself in the air, extending your scapula

3. Using the muscles in your arms and back, pull yourself upwards towards the bar.

4. Slowly lower yourself back down, using the same muscles

Top tip: If you are struggling with arm fatigue, you might be using your biceps too much. A handy cue is to think of yourself as pulling your elbows down, rather than pulling your body up – this will help you target the back.

Do pull-up bars damage door frames?

No, at least they shouldn’t, anyway. There are only a few instances where a pull-up bar will damage your door frames. The first scenario is if you have fragile door frames, always assess the structural integrity before you buy and secure a pull-up bar to a door frame.

Of course, there’s no denying that there could be pull-up bars out there responsible for damaging door frames. You have to take extra precautions when looking for a pull-up bar, check the specs and reviews, and ensure everything is squeaky clean.

Speaking of specs, you must check the maximum user weight for your chosen pull-up bar. Everything has a breaking point, and if you exceed the recommended load for your pull-up bar, it can severely damage the bar and even take some of the door frame as collateral.

How high should a pull-up bar be?

Ultimately, the correct height of the pull-up bar will vary depending on the user's height. To perform pull-ups, you need to completely clear the ground so you can hang suspended from the bar without your feet touching the floor.

Regarding how far the bar should be from the ceiling, it’s recommended that you leave about 18 inches between the bar and the ceiling. This is important because as you perform a pull-up, your head is supposed to rise above the bar.

If you're familiar with some of the top Smith machines out there, you'll know that most offer pull-up grips. This could help as a measurement gauge for how high your home pull-up bar needs to be.

How to get better at pull-ups

Pull-ups should be treated like any other exercise, and practice makes perfect. Hypertrophy will come into play if you regularly attempt pull-ups within a structured workout. This means the more you train a muscle group, the stronger and more capable it becomes. A pull-up is a compound movement, meaning you incorporate various muscles to complete it; these include the lat muscles in the back, the biceps, and the rear delts. The more you do pull-ups, the easier they will become, and the more you’ll be able to do them in the long run.

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