The best liquid chalk

Tired of losing your grip? Find your ideal liquid chalk.

The best liquid chalk

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It's almost as if you can hear the collective sigh of relief - gyms have reopened and we're allowed to exercise outside of our homes again! Many of us are desperate to put away our worn-out mats and get back to climbing or in the gyms. So it's very likely we also need to top up our supplies of liquid chalk to work up a sweat in the weights section.

When it comes to weightlifting or powerlifting an essential component is your grip - if your hands are slippery, you will lose your grip and won't be able to have a secure hold on the weights.

This is where the liquid chalk (similarly to a weightlifting glove or weightlifting shoes) can help, the chalk reduces sweat and helps strengthen your grip. The same applies to climbing as well as any sport where you need a strong grip - pole fitness, gymnastics, you name it.

Liquid chalk also absorbs sweat and prevents your hand from slipping - this is key in avoiding hand injuries.

So if you're on the hunt for new liquid chalk, you've come to the right place as our best liquid chalk guide has got a wide range of products, each specific to the sport you want.

Whether you're looking for weight and powerlifting, rock climbing, or gymnastics - we've got the best liquid chalks.

The best liquid chalk at a glance

1. Elevate Grip Liquid Chalk

2. Fitness Mad Liquid Chalk

3. BattleBox Weightlifting® Liquid Chalk

4. Friction Labs Secret Stuff Liquid Chalk

5. Super Grip Liquid Chalk

6. ProElite Liquid Chalk

7. Liquid White Gold Black Diamond

The best liquid chalk in detail

Best overall

There is no doubt that this product is the overall best liquid chalk. It's mainly used for powerlifting or weightlifting but this is excellent for anyone wanting to significantly increase their grip. What we also love about this product is that it creates barely any mess, is antibacterial and provides over 200 uses per bottle!

Best for reducing sweat

A very close contender is the Fitness Mad Liquid Chalk. It dries in just under a few seconds, but lasts for hours - so you won't have to constantly reapply. Rather than stopping the sweat, this liquid chalk works to reduce it and it also has antibacterial properties which is extra handy, all of this for just under a tenner!

Best for powerlifting

If you're looking specifically for the best weightlifting or powerlifting liquid chalk - then we highly recommend this product. It's high-quality as it's made from pure magnesium carbonate, it effectively reduces sweat and helps you achieve your best grip, ensuring you always get those last reps in and get an awesome strength-training workout in!

Best for climbing

Friction Labs Secret Stuff Liquid ChalkAmazon
Price: $19.00
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Backcountry$12.95View offer
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Walmart$19.00View offer

This liquid chalk is ideal for climbing! From bouldering to rock climbing - this handy piece of gear will help strengthen and keep your grip. As well as drying within a matter of seconds, the texture it leaves on your hand is so thin you'll barely feel it - meaning it won't feel weird or uncomfortable as you climb.

Best for gymnastics

Although this is suitable for most sports and strength-training sessions, we highly recommend this one for gymnastics. It's incredibly sweat-resistant and long-lasting which is ideal for a gymnastics session, and it's very quick to dry. This liquid chalk is also antibacterial which is pretty convenient. Size: 250ml

Best all-rounder

This is an awesome choice for all sports but we think it's especially great for pole fitness. It's incredibly lightweight, super easy to transport and doesn't create a mess - ideal for the pole and gym-goers alike as it keeps the area clean and un-clustered. This liquid chalk increases grip and is very long-lasting, allowing you to complete your session without interrupting it to re-apply.

Best lightweight and dust-free

Another excellent choice for any type of climbing - especially in high humidity environments as this product is dust-free. This product is also very lightweight and easy to transport, ideal for climbing.

The verdict: the best liquid chalk

All of the above liquid chalks are excellent products, however, from my personal experience, my absolute favourite is the BattleBox. It truly helps you maintain grip and reduced the sweat significantly, so much so that I did an extra four reps per set of deadlifts! It also coated my hands quite evenly and lasted for such a long time that I found myself only using a small amount.

What is liquid chalk?

This is a handy little tool that is excellent for all sports where you require a strong grip and/or are lifting a heavy load. When it comes to these sports such as rock climbing, gymnastics or strength training, your hands can become quite slippery which weakens your grip and prevents you from being able to finish that last set or exercise.

Simply squeeze or place a small amount on your hands and rub your palms together - it will expand into a white mixture. Make sure you have an even and thorough coating of the chalk on your palms.

What are the benefits of using liquid chalk?

It'll allow you to exercise for longer as you won't lose your grip. The liquid chalk works by reducing or stopping the sweat - drying out your hands and allowing you to maintain a strong grip.

Is liquid chalk used for lifting?

Absolutely! It helps maintain your grip on the weights as it dries out your hands - reducing the sweat produced. This will allow you to complete more sets and reps as your hands won't be slippery.

Why is using liquid chalk better than dry chalk?

There are several reasons why liquid chalk is preferable, firstly it is a lot less messy than dry chalk, so if you're at a gym or a shared training space - you won't get chalk all over the surrounding areas.

Additionally, it spreads more evenly than dry chalk, you'll get an even coating on your hands. It's also a lot lighter, meaning it'll be easier for you to carry it around.

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