The best multi-gyms for your home

If you want to create your own home gym, a multi gym is the first bit of kit you should invest in.


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The new year has begun, and with it, many of us have our resolutions set on weight loss or muscle gain. And yet, as gyms become teeming with like-minded, equally motivated gym newbies, a busy gym often means less time spent getting your ideal workout - which is a one-way path to eventually giving up on your high ambitions.

There are, however, countless alternatives for gym enthusiasts eager to see results, who want to train whenever they feel, without the painfully awkward exchange of waiting for your favourite machine to free itself up, only for someone else to opportunistically seize it.

The multi-gym is the perfect way to achieve excellent, versatile and challenging exercises at home that'll see you gaining an incredible amount of muscle and burning plenty of fat in a matter of weeks. Whatever you're trying to build; biceps, triceps, pectoral muscles, deltoids, traps, obliques - there's a multi-gym for that.

Choosing the best multi gyms - how we decided

When deciding what multi-gyms to include, we had to bear a multitude of factors in mind. Our main priority was, first and foremost - finding the most effective multi-gym equipment at the best price for you. With a wide array of intense, efficient, and formidable exercises that'll help you rapidly gain strength, each multi-gym we've chosen covers a fantastic amount of exercises, helping build your core muscle groups without the need for extensive equipment to clutter up your garage.

Not every multi-gym will cover each muscle group. Generally speaking, the greater the price, the better the muscle group coverage, so we'll be including some more basic equipment and gradually build up to larger, more elaborate sets so you'll never have to set foot in a public gym ever again.

Ranking the very best multi gyms across the internet, we've started our list with the best value multi gym, with prices gradually increasing as the list goes on, so there's the perfect multi gym for anyone on any budget.

The best multi gyms of 2023: in detail

Best value multi gym

Starting at certainly the best value multi gym available that doesn't compromise on quality, IRONMAN's IM-101 is a highly efficient, well-crafted and effective solution to getting in some terrific exercise without forking over an excessive amount of cash.

Capable of six fundamental workouts targeting some fantastic primary muscle groups, this assumedly simplistic multi-gym has far more than meets the eye in store, should you wish to take the plunge.

Our major gripe with the machine, however, comes in the form of its fairly low-weight stack, which tops off at around 45kg. While, yes for any arm curls you wish to do, 45kg should be plenty, but for major weight-lifting enthusiasts looking to push themselves to their limits, 45kg just isn't going to cut it.

If you're looking to build your cardio performance, but aren't a fan of Britain's dreary weather, here are the best stepper machines for your home - comfortable, easy to use, but with just enough challenge to keep you stepping onwards.


  • Fantastic value
  • Excellent fundamental strength exercises
  • Highly space-efficient


  • Low overall weight stack
Dimensions:170 x 111 x 210 cm (L x W x H)
Total Weight Stack:45kg
Total Machine Weight:77kg
Max User Weight:120kg
Exercises:Upright row, chest press, leg extension, pec fly, lat pulldown, arm curl
Targeted muscle groups:Biceps, triceps, pectorals, quadriceps, traps, side delts

Best value cable crossover machine

For the essential upper body workout, you can't do much better than a cable crossover machine. With a much larger weight stack, even expert lifters will get their pump on with RIP X's fantastic value cable crossover machine without spending an excessive amount of money.

For building chest, biceps, triceps, delts, and traps, a cable crossover machine really is one of the best options available on the market.

Of course, you'll need a lot of space in order to use the machine effectively, so for those who can't quite spare the garage or gym cave - you'll need to go with something a tad smaller.

For the ultimate gym setup, dumbbells are a must - here are the best dumbbells for home workouts.


  • Fantastic weight stack for all levels of expertise
  • Very versatile
  • Perfect for two users at once
  • Capable of intense workout routine


  • Very large
Dimensions: 61 x 256 x 206 cm (L x W x H) 
Total Weight Stack: 180kg
Total Machine Weight: 200kg
Max User Weight: 100kg
Exercises: Pec fly, face pull, pull up, tricep pulldown, tricep extension, bicep curl, horizontal row, lat pulldown, leg curl, and more
Targeted muscle groups: Pectorals, traps, dorsals, deltoids, biceps, triceps, quadriceps

Best multi gym for intermediate lifters

For those looking for a wider variety of essential workouts with a much larger weight stack and plenty of comforts while training, DOMYOS's multi-gym is the intermediate choice for you.

Affordable, effective and perfect for a range of tough, yet enjoyable exercises (focusing primarily on the upper body), the fantastic quality of the DOMYOS multi-gym set is abundantly clear from the get-go, and is a perfect addition to your personal home training arsenal.

Enhance your personal performance, whether you're exercising at home or you're hitting the streets, here are best wireless headphones for running, the deals are running wild.


  • Compact
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Good weight stack for intermediate users


  • Might not be enough weight for more experienced lifters
Dimensions: 138 x 103 x 202 cm (L x W x H)
Total Weight Stack: 60kg
Total Machine Weight: 120kg
Max User Weight: 130kg
Exercises: Shoulder press, pec fly upright row, lat pulldown, horizontal row, front raise, tricep extension, bicep curl, leg extension
Targeted muscle groups: Pectorals, traps, dorsals, deltoids, biceps, triceps, quadriceps

Best construction quality multi gym station

Easily one of the most premium, versatile, and effective machines on our roundup, Senshi Japan's stunning multi-machine is capable of over 51 unique exercises, and with a fantastic 90kg maximum weight stack - even expert lifters will get plenty of muscle burn.

Covering a huge array of muscle groups without any sort of setback on quality, this is quite simply an absolute bargain, despite its heftier price point.


  • Fantastic build quality
  • Great range of essential exercises
  • Great comfort
  • Excellent maximum weight stack


  • Considerably larger than other selected multi gyms
Dimensions: 217 x 179 x 110 cm (L x W x H)
Total Weight Stack: 90kg
Total Machine Weight: 198kg
Max User Weight: Not specified
Exercises: Over 51 exercises; lat pulldown, chest fly, chest press, preacher curl, leg curl, leg extension, bicep curl, row, and more
Targeted muscle groups: Pectorals, traps, dorsals, deltoids, biceps, triceps, quadriceps

Best squat rack multi gym

For fantastic flexibility, workout variety, and space efficiency, Muscle Squad's Phase 2 Quarter Squat Rack with cable pulley is an incredible option that won't limit your strength potential after just a few months of regular exercise.

There's an enormous amount of workouts that can be performed with this machine, many of which simply aren't possible on a standard multi-machine - we're of course talking about squats and bench presses, which the Phase 2 Quarter Squat Rack can quite capably handle.

Muscle Squad's Phase 2 Quarter Squat Rack is designed for simple, easy-to-install customisation, so you're rarely limited by just a few workouts that become incredibly dull after just a few weeks. Unfortunately, the Phase 2 quickly becomes one of the more expensive options on our list, not just because of the initial price, but also because there are no included weights with the set itself.

Typically, weights aren't a major expense, and once you've purchased all the additional weights you need it'll become one of the most effective multi-gyms you can buy - but that additional faff might be a little too much for some customers.

When lifting weights, blisters, bruises and scuffs are a given - ditch the pain and start protecting your hands with the best weight-lifting gloves for fantastic grip strength.


  • Fantastic construction
  • An incredible variety of workouts for any level of experience
  • Compact


  • No weights included
Dimensions:151 x 114 x 219 cm (L x W x H)
Total Weight Stack:N/A
Total Machine Weight:170kg
Max User Weight:286kg
Exercises:Chin-up, lat pulldown, squat, leg curl, arm curl, bench press, chest fly, shoulder press, cable row, and more
Targeted muscle groups:Pectorals, traps, dorsals, deltoids, biceps, triceps, quadriceps

Best smith machine multi gym

For a fantastic range of exercises that can be performed safely within your own home without the need for a spotter, Marcy's Platinum Smith multi gym machine is undeniably one of our favourite options.

Coming with a fantastic array of pulleys that are suitable for both upper and lower body workouts, a fantastic adjustable bench with leg curl and extension capabilities, and the pièce de résistance; an incredible smith machine for some much-needed reassurance when training alone - this may very well be the ultimate way to train at home.

Despite the price, however, Marcy's Platinum Smith Machine doesn't come with any weights, so you'll need to source them elsewhere, which is relatively simple, albeit expensive.


  • Unbeatable quality
  • Great range of workouts
  • Smith machine is an excellent bonus


  • No weights included
Dimensions:160 x 208 x 201 cm (L x W x H)
Total Weight Stack:N/A
Total Machine Weight:100kg
Max User Weight:136kg
Exercises:Bicep curl, tricep extension, row, lat pulldown, lunge, squat, leg kickback, leg extension, shoulder press, abdominal crunch, oblique side bends, and more
Targeted Muscle Groups: Pectorals, traps, dorsals, deltoids, biceps, triceps, quadriceps, obliques

FAQs: your questions answered

Where should I buy plates for weightlifting?

You can find plenty of online stores selling a variety of plates that are perfect for any level of lifting expertise, here are just a couple we'd highly recommend.

Best starter plates

From 5kg to 25kg, equip yourself with plenty of plates and you'll be a training champ in no time. Suitable for use with any standard Olympic-sized barbells.

Best plates for longevity

For plates that'll last a lifetime, Rockbase is renowned for its essentially indestructible plates, perfect for use with Olympic-size barbells, or even for body workouts.

How do I keep my equipment in perfect condition?

When setting up a home gym, keeping everything in working order is an absolute must. First thing's first, spotting fraying cables early can save you from a nasty accident, so if your multi gym cables looks worse for wear, replace them immediately.

Then there's the pulley system itself. After prolonged use, friction builds up between the pulley and the cables, causing fraying. To avoid this, use silicone lubricant, here is a particularly brilliant choice that's highly recommended by multi gym users.

Best lubricant for multi gym maintenance

Perfect for keeping everything running smoothly in your home gym, simply apply liberally to pulleys to ensure the multi-gym is well-maintained.

Is a multi-gym a good way to build muscle?

A multi-gym is a convenient piece of equipment for gaining muscle without the need for journeying to the gym. With the correct amount of weekly exercise and a well-controlled diet, it's relatively simple to build muscle using a multi-gym.

Can gym equipment go upstairs?

Yes, you absolutely can, but you should keep yourself aware that your equipment is very heavy, and constant weight on weak floorboards is a recipe for disaster.

To avoid damage to your floor, we'd recommend choosing a multi-gym with built-in padding for additional support, or simply installing some gym flooring yourself will help alleviate pressure from the machine itself.

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