Best Smartphones 2019 The Best Phone For You

Author: Curtis Moldrich

In 2019, phones are for far more than just making voice calls; instead they’re used for everything from listening to music and getting directions to browsing the web or taking super-sharp pictures. The best smartphones right now do all of the above and much more, but with so many model names, makes, operating systems and other tech-jargon, it’s hard to know which smartphone to buy.

To make things easier, we’ve picked the best smartphones on the market right now, and explained some of their key features, too.

iPhone XS Max - Best Smartphones 2019 The Best Phone For You

iPhone XS Max

Another year, another iPhone but it’s increasingly hard to argue with Apple’s latest bit of technology. Featuring a pin-sharp 6.5-inch screen that stretches across almost the entire front of the device – minus that elusive notch – and wireless charging at its rear, the current iPhone XS Max is still one of the best designed and built smartphones on the market.

Its Apple-made A12 Bionic chip and 4GB of Ram mean it’s fast too, and with a dual 12MP camera at the rear and an improved 7MP at the front, it’s good for pictures too. Yes, you do pay a premium for that Apple logo, and battery life could be better, but as a combined software and hardware package the iPhone XS Max is hard to beat.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus - Best Smartphones 2019 The Best Phone For You

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Every year Samsung and Apple go head to head to produce the best smartphone on the market – and on hardware terms alone, Samsung may have beaten the company from California. The new Galaxy S10 is bristling with tech; at the front it’s dominated by a huge 6.4-inch quad-HD+ HDR screen, and there’s no iPhone-like notch here, either. Instead, the S10 Plus uses a hole-punch camera that the screen actually leaks around.

Inside you’ll find a ridiculously quick Exynos 9820 processor, on the back you’ll notice three cameras (a regular, ultrawide and tele lens), and you’ll also find extra tech like reverse wireless charging – so you can charge Samsung’s wireless earbuds using your phone.

Huawie Mate 20 Pro - Best Smartphones 2019 The Best Phone For You

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Huawei may not have the brand desirability of the Apple or Samsung phones on this list, but the Mate 20 Pro combines incredible-looking design with an impressive spec list. Featuring a huge bezel-less screen similar to that of the iPhone X, the Huawei ups the ante with a stunning Leica triple-camera. (That’s a 40MP main camera, an 8MP telephoto for zoomed shots and a 20MP wide angle lens for packing in as much data as possible).

iPhone XR - Best Smartphones 2019 The Best Phone For You

iPhone XR

Want the quality of an iPhone, but not after flagship specs or features? Perhaps the iPhone XR is for you. Featuring an equally slick design as Apple’s flagship handset, the XR is a little more conservative when it comes to specs. That means you’ll find a 12MP rear camera paired with a 7MP front camera and a, smaller lower resolution screen than the top-end XS Max.

The result? A solid phone with access to Apple’s iCloud and App store ecosystem, and a phone that’ll seamlessly integrate with any existing Apple device around the house.

Google Pixel 3 - Best Smartphones 2019 The Best Phone For You

Google Pixel 3

The Pixel 3 is the purest version of Google’s vision for a smartphone. It runs the stock, most up to date version of the Android operating system, and it also uses hardware designed by the search giant. There’s a gorgeous, vibrant 5.5-inch OLED screen at the front, a fast Snapdragon 845 processor inside – but the highlight of this handset is at the rear.

At the back of the Pixel 3, you’ll find a 12.2MP camera which is stunning in daylight, but class-leading in low-light, even beating the like of the iPhone XS when using its Night Sight mode.

Sarah Pyett