Best Wireless Headphones For Running 2019


Author: Paul Larkins

Music and exercise have long moved together, hand-in- hand; just imagine a silent spin class or running along a beach without the soundtrack to Chariots of Fire playing in your head. Even race organisers have been quick to get in on the act, realising there’s nothing like an upbeat tune to get you going. The Virgin Money London Marathon is a cacophony of noise, from steel drum bands to charity stations blaring out Dua Lipa.

Music builds an incredible and energetic atmosphere at big events, inspiring runners to push themselves and – mostly – keep smiling. Get in on the act with Groov-e wireless sports earphones with LED neckband. We love these not just because the sound quality is great, but they look good as well and the LED neckband which has an off position, solid glow, slow flash and fast flash settings which change as you exercise and help you keep safe in the dark. This allows you to hear what’s going on around you too – a big safety plus that also makes them a good choice for marathons and races where you want to hear the roar of the crowds. 

Jaybird Run - Best Wireless Headphones For Running 2019

Jaybird Run

Excellent wireless sports buds that sit flush in your ears. At 15g they’re as unobtrusive as it gets with a selection of wing tips and gels that create a snug fit. They deliver deep, rich sounds, which can be fully customised. You can take calls thanks to a mic built into the right earbud, with responsive controls on both buds for skipping tracks, answering calls and summoning Siri or Google Assistant. Battery life is four hours, plus another eight hours back-up in the charging case. 

Skullcandy Methos BT Sports Earbuds - Best Wireless Headphones For Running 2019

Skullcandy Method BT Sports Earbuds 

Runners will love the secure fit and sweat-resistance of these popular 
sports earbuds. With Bluetooth built into a flexible around-the-neck collar, they offer comfort and functionality and are lightweight at only 32g. Nine hours of battery life and 33ft of connectivity means they're great for all-day active wireless listening. Available in men’s and women’s versions.

Sony Xperia Ear Duo - Best Wireless Headphones For Running 2019

Sony Xperia Ear Duo 

The Xperia Ear Duo offers runners a new listening experience. You can enjoy music, make calls, listen to forecasts, check train times and much more – all while still being able to hear the sounds around you. You can connect to voice assistants such as Google and Siri, while the ergonomic design leaves the ear canal open for extra comfort. Even better, the volume automatically adjusts depending on your surroundings for an optimised audio. 

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